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We Vibe Bloom


We Vibe Bloom



The Bloom by We-Vibe reconnects pelvic floor exercises to your lasting pleasure in more ways than one! Now you can be working on those important Kegel exercises with the added option of vibrating ecstasy. Now who doesn’t love efficiency?!

Many people experience problems due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. This could lead to an inability to achieve internal orgasms and even bladder issues. Using the vibrating Kegel balls by We-Vibe can change your life for the better for so many reasons.

The Bloom by We-Vibe has a very comfortable design using soft touch silicone that is 100% body safe. Bloom comes with two extra interchangeable weights that can be added for extra toning and internal fitness. These extra weights are used as your muscle increase in strength. Making the Bloom a full kegel weight system. The Bloom by We-Vibe is also 100% waterproof for extra diversity of where it can be used, and ease of cleaning.

The vibrating function of Bloom by We-Vibe means that you can easily turn your Kegel training into Pleasure Training! The strong, powerful vibrations will show you just how much more satisfying your orgasms are becoming. The vibrating pulses and tones can be controlled and pre-set via your We-Connect app with over 10 variations of delightful vibrating modes.

Bloom by We-Vibe is a usb rechargeable model. One full charge give up to 90 minutes of vibrating life. So no wasting time and money on costly batteries!

The fantastic non-porous, phthalate-free silicone that Bloom by We-Vibe uses, is made without any latex. Due to the smooth design and superior motor, Bloom is whisper-quiet for your discretion.

So why limit your pelvic-floor exercises and make them a chore, when they can be pleasurable and fun? The Bloom works by simply inserting it into the vagina and squeezing, adding the progressive weights as you see fit. And then turning on the vibrations for your work out warm down

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