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Lelo Loki Wave


Lelo Loki Wave


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LOKI Wave ™ is sleekly designed and perfectly shaped to offer both external and internal stimulation from its dual-motors, and is the first prostate vibrator to offer a ‘come-hither’ motion. Fully waterproof and with adjustable power across 6 stimulation modes, LOKI Wave™ will beckon you to the most intense and memorable orgasms of your life!

Fashioned from the finest silicone, a broad bulb vacillates back and forth to trigger intense prostate stimulation.

Experience Loki’s rumbling vibration from the inside out, switching through the 6 settings to explore the mix of graduating and undulating rhythms. Arrows allow you to tailor the intensity of each vibration to deliver pleasure with exquisite precision.
Key Features:

-Luxurious vibrating prostate massager with wave motion
-Ergonomic design features bulbed body and flare to prevent travel
-6 vibration settings each feature customisable intensity
-Charges to full power via USB in 60 minutes
-Includes a sleek satin bag for safe storage

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